Nice to meet you

Kruno the design engineer

I’m Kruno Knezic, a designer, trained engineer, technology evangelist, business owner and maker. With over 15 years experience in design, product development and new technology application.

Currently, I run a design and technology consultancy working as an independent professional (I just don’t like the word freelancer).

Design Engineer Career

I started as cad designer at an engineering bureau working in transportation and energy industry. Continue my career as the senior design engineer designing consumer products. Further advanced to application engineer assisting the sales team with PTC and Stratasys suite of products. I ended up as a PTC training instructor, before I decided that I want to do more creative work, and move on to start my own business.

Product Development Bureau

After I open my product development studio, I had the opportunity to work on a diversity of projects and products. I was doing creative work, blending my training as an engineer and my passion for design combining the best of both worlds. The results were some of the fantastic projects I’ve done and worked for companies and startups from various industries.

Read more about my favorite projects here.

As I worked closely with clients as part of the team, I learned how hard it is to make new products and put it on the market. Regardless of the Design Sprint, Agile Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping, still the bottleneck was the manufacturing and supply chain.

Additive Manufacturing Path

I’ve recognised the opportunity in additive manufacturing and new technologies like A.I., machine learning, and robotics that will disrupt  the manufacturing landscape. The way we make things are changing and new technologies will push the envelope on how we are creating products in the Industry 4.0.

Now my focus is on the design for additive manufacturing. Since everything that is manufactured must first be designed. The design is the vital element for additive manufacturing use to the full potential.

Look at my additive manufacturing projects here.

Promoting the way we make things

I share my thoughts on design and the future of making things on WORKBENCH, a blog dedicated to designers, engineers, makers, business professionals, and freelancers.

I also publish curated content in the first layer, a newsletter converting the best technology themes for Industry 4.0 preparedness.